Recognition of regular or VIP customers
to increase loyalty

The use of video analytics in retail allows you to recognize regular customers who can make personal offers, increasing customer loyalty to the network.

The system does not require interaction with a person to correctly recognize him. The collection of statistics takes place remotely, takes little time and does not affect the personal data of a person.

When a VIP client appears, the Trassir face recognition system, having identified the client, compares it with the database and notifies the store staff that there is a guest in the store who requires special service and the provision of appropriate privileges.

By determining the composition of visitors by gender and age, the administration and marketing can analyze which of them prefer to buy in the morning, some in the evening, and who comes only on weekends.

The use of recognition systems will help, for example, to introduce "happy hours" for different categories of visitors or automatically provide a discount on products when a person is at the checkout. The confirmation process is instant. The system itself recognizes the person, while SMS verification takes time and does not always work properly.

Examples from the current facility
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