Monitoring the presence of personnel at the workplace

The control system helps to evaluate the quality of personnel work, improve the quality of customer service in retail.

The module monitors the presence of personnel in the areas of gastronomy, culinary, baking and other personal service departments, keeps records of customers who have received the necessary services and left unattended by visitors, generates a report on the speed and quality of the service provided.

The administration sets the necessary parameters of the system operation: the area of ​​the personnel working area, the work schedule of employees, the maximum time for servicing one client, the allowable time of absence of an employee from the workplace.

In case of violation by the staff of the norms accepted in the retail network, it sends notifications to the store administrator in real time.

Staff Tracker identifies employees by uniform color.

The module generates daily reports on the actual time of stay and absence of an employee on site, sends reports to the mail to the responsible person. Video materials are stored for the evidence base in conflict resolution.

Examples from the current facility
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