Determining the location of objects on the trading floor using video analytics

Inventory tracking, supply chain management, shelf filling, perishables, and warehouse management are all handled by positioning carts inside the supermarket.


While waiting for display on the shelves, goods in the supermarket are for some time between the areas of goods reception, short-term storage, the area of ​​​​the trading floor and display.

In order to know exactly where the right batch of goods is now and to reduce the time spent outside the refrigerator area for products that require a strict temperature regime, we suggest using an automated system for determining the location of carts with goods using video analytics.

To determine the positioning of objects, the ArUco video recognition system for markers, a simplified analogue of a QR code, is suitable. The processing algorithm is simple and fast.

ArUco codes are recognized from long distances and in low light conditions are better than QR and Bar codes, which are rarely used for localization tasks due to redundancy and the need for high resolution. There is no need to purchase and use more expensive cameras.

The system quickly and accurately recognizes the ArUco code, determines the location and saves it in a log.

According to the code number, complete information about the time of arrival, unloading, movement between zones enters the control system and from there reports are generated for responsible persons according to the necessary criteria.

The customer can at any time find objects of interest in the video archive, set up reaction rules, transfer data for processing to other software integrated with the video surveillance system.

Examples from the current facility
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