Control the length of queues to regulate the work of cash desks

To avoid direct losses and experiments on customer loyalty, especially during peak hours, smart video surveillance counts the number of people and the duration of their stay in the queue.

Upon reaching predetermined threshold parameters, it immediately signals the store administrator. The administration can quickly attract additional staff to unload the work of cash desks.

Notifications can be sent to the monitor, phone or e-mail.

The reports show the systematic nature of this problem and allow you to make informed decisions on optimizing the hours of work of the staff and the schedule of the outlet.

For the convenience of customers, it is possible to use the queue monitor - a module for visually displaying the number of people at the checkout. Monitors are installed in the checkout area of ​​the store and inform customers about the length of the queues at the checkout.

Instead of monitors above each checkout, you can use indicator lights in three colors: green, yellow and red, which are visible from afar. They help shoppers choose the least busy checkout to pay.

Video analytics data helps to analyze the load at the cash registers at different times and days of the week in order to select the optimal number of working cash desks.

Examples from the current facility

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