Control of warehouse and logistics operations

You can find out exactly everything that was done in the warehouse with any product, cargo, delivery, using the video surveillance system and event control of the warehouse.

A video analytics system for a warehouse is necessary to reduce costs from losses, shortages, regrading, damage and theft of goods, errors or dishonest actions of employees.

The use of "live" video or data from the archive allows you to resolve disputes during the shipment, acceptance, movement of products, determine the responsibility for the availability of goods, investigate cases of damage to the warehouse.

The operator can view the events coming from the warehouse system synchronously with the video data of the surveillance cameras. Search for goods by nomenclature and name, barcode, quantity, the camera that observed it, and learn about the movement of goods according to scanned data, numbers of exposed documents, identifiers of cells, pallets, customer name or organization name.

As a result of the application of the system, a powerful psychological barrier is created for potential violations, losses due to non-compliance with safety regulations, errors and negligence of personnel are reduced, cases of theft and fraud are minimized, time spent on resolving conflict situations is eliminated, labor productivity is optimized, discipline is increased, customer loyalty level.

Examples from the current facility
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