Control of cash transactions with video surveillance

An intelligent module for automatic control of cash and bank operations is designed to detect and prevent fraud, theft and resolve disputed situations in real time.

A video camera is installed above each cash register of a supermarket or retail outlet. Next, the server of the video surveillance system records information from the video camera directed at the cash register and records transactions from the cash terminal, and the software installed on the server automatically matches any cash transactions with the video series of the surveillance camera above the cash register, helps to detect and analyze violations.

The module records the number of punched checks, the name and article number of the product in the check, the method of payment for the product, etc. The administrator and analysts receive an automatically calculated sales conversion, the ratio of the number of checks punched at all cash registers to the exact number of visitors.

A security officer or supervisor can obtain a video report of any cash transaction. For example, by specifying the name of the product in the filter, he can view a video recording of all receipts with this product for the day. The information helps identify cases of fraud or poor service.

Reports on checkout downtime, number of cancellations and returns will help in KPI evaluation. Another task that the module helps to cope with is the illegal use of individual discount cards.

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